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It is the primary duty of any elected official to be accountable to the people they represent. When I’m elected, I will serve in the spirit of our Founding Fathers, not as a career politician.

I am a husband, a father, and a local businessman. And just like you, I want a Congressman that has the principles and the fortitude to stand for the people of this district; a Congressman that works to empower liberty and enrich the lives of his constituents.

Texans deserve a true statesman, a representative that answers to them and them alone. With your support I will answer that call and be your voice in our nation’s capital.

Tax & Spending Reform

Balancing the federal budget is the cornerstone of my platform. As your Congressman, I will work to enact prudent fiscal policies that eliminate waste and maximize accountability to taxpayers.

I will make it my duty to promote spending reform that demands responsibility and maturity from Congress, ends pork-barrel legislation, and eliminates the special interest groups.

I pledge that as your Congressman, I will stand up for the people of our district and fight the bloated bureaucracies and the career politicians that support them.

Healthcare Reform

The mainstream media and the political establishment tell us that we need government to step in and fix our healthcare system, which offers the best and most widely available healthcare in the world.

Healthcare isn’t the problem. The problem is the high costs of healthcare and health insurance, caused by government interference and government’s collusion with lobbyists.

Obamacare and Repeal And Replace are just two sides of the same coin. As your Congressman I will do everything in my power to totally repeal Obamacare and replace it with the same open-market capitalism that once made house-calls affordable.

Gun Rights

Our natural rights are granted by Our Creator, not government. Our Second Amendment rights, along with the others enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are not up for debate.
I will always oppose those who seek to curtail our liberties, and will make every effort to restore liberties that have already been curtailed by politicians.
I am a proud gun-owner and so are my friends and family. I recognize that the Founding Fathers intended that we should bear arms in order to protect ourselves from tyrannical government. The Second Amendment is the teeth in our Constitution which allows us to preserve our other rights. 

Veteran’s Affairs

Veteran’s Affairs

It’s been three years since the VA healthcare scandal broke. While some improvements are finally beginning to be implemented, they are too few, too weak and it will be years before their effects will begin to be felt.

 Too little, too late is not good enough for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to military service or the countless families that have found themselves alone and unequipped to deal with the issues that their loved ones face.

 I am drafting a resolution that would remove legislators from their unique healthcare plan and place them under the VA system in order to make them personally invested in an immediate and comprehensive overhaul, aided by first-hand experience with the VA’s shortcomings and failures.

The resolution simultaneously calls for the issuance of a healthcare card to all veterans and active-duty military personnel, backed by VA funds, which will enable them to get the care they need, from providers that they choose.

We as a country have demanded so much sacrifice from these individuals and it’s time that we start keeping our end of the deal.


Without question, our immigration system is broken. For two decades we’ve heard politicians at every level say that we need to fix the system and secure the border. Quite frankly, it’s time to quit talking and get to work.

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